Amaay! provides solutions to public and private organisations to help them enhance their sustainability through state of the art consultancy and research across Europe.


What we do

Strategic consultancy and think tank.
Over 20 years of experience in research, consultancy and project management, to help private firms and public institutions meet their sustainability goals.
These are typically impacted by a wide set of issues such as technology, urban legislation, economics, politics, design, communication and architecture.
Amaay! creates value by addressing those imperatives with state of the art solutions while managing the relationships between multiple stakeholders.

Our fields of expertise are:

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Corporate relocation
  • Building energy efficiency
  • Wind energy strategy for cities and regions
  • Wind energy feasibility studies and implementation
  • Building integrated wind turbines
  • Renewable energy sources in urban areas

Our work is the result of close collaboration with Clients and our teams of architects, engineers and experts in the following fields:

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Urban wind behavior
  • Wind turbines
  • Security, acoustics and vibration
  • Urban legislations
  • Stability
  • Renewable energy sources