Building integratedwind turbines Research and Test Center.


Amaay delivers worldwide state of the art know-how and expertise to architects, developers and engineers willing to integrated wind turbines into skyscrapers.

By creating the world’s first research and test center for building integrated wind turbines ( BIWT) Amaay has positioned itself at the very edge of BIWT know-how and technology.

Why a Research and Test Center?
Lots has been said about building integrated wind turbines (BIWT) but until now, very little was known.

So far the information for such projects could only come through CAD and CFD simulations, and not from VALIDATED data.

Yesterday’s lack of know-how and experience in this field was preventing real estate developers, architects and engineers from incorporating the production of wind energy to the design of their skyscrapers.

PUMBA has changed this.

Through the extrapolation of validated data from the Research and test Center, in the fields of fluid dynamics, vibration, acoustics and energy production, Amaay delivers reliable expertise and information for the implementation of wind turbines integrated in tall buildins.

How does it work?
A venture-shaped wind tunnel is placed in an existing passage at the ground floor of a 100 m high office building in downtown Brussels. Inside this tunnel data is gathered concerning wind speed, air pressure, vibration, noise and the turbine’s behavior.

Parallel to this, meteorological data around the building and at the closest meteorological station are gathered and introduced in the same data base.

All this information is analyzed by the Pumba software which creates a matrix enabling to understand the interaction between all these elements.

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