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Urban wind energy strategy

While wind turbines dot the modern European countryside and seas, they remain an elusive dream in the urban context. The challenges are so vast that cities across the continent remain hesitant about implementing urban wind energy. What’s stopping cities from implementing a progressive urban wind energy strategy? The first reason is the lack of serious, updated, complete and transparent information on urban wind energy and its possibilities. Secondly, its complexity. Implementing an urban wind energy strategy cannot be achieved without the knowledge (and inclusion) of very diverse fields and players such as: city authorities, experts in urban legislation, fluid dynamic consultants, wind turbine engineers, architects and urban planners. It is to address this opportunity that Amaay! has developed the WinCity project™ Fruit of 8 years of R&D, WinCity™ is the first pan-European project that helps cities design and gradually implement their own wind energy strategies, reducing risks and enhancing their success rate. Our multidisciplinary team helps assess and evaluate the impact and complexity of implementing successful urban wind energy strategies. Our urban wind energy strategy services include:

  • Identification of the overall wind potential
  • Assessment of urban and environmental legislation
  • Opportunities and risks identification
  • Coordination of urban players
  • Road map
  • Financial and energy impacts
  • Implementation
  • Follow up and evaluation