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Corporate Sustainability

How can your business adopt a more environmental stance while observing the financial and social bottom line? At Amaay! we understand the importance of the triple bottom line and our teams are always held up to that standard. Developing sustainable strategies that reduce environmental footprint and lower costs while strengthening their market position, enhancing their brand image and creating shareholder value is what we do. Our strategy advice is wide-ranging and practical. We work with companies across geographical boundaries, functions, products, services and brands to develop sustainable strategies and ensure a coherent approach. This includes defining their sustainability vision, identifying material issues and management strategies, undertaking strategic stakeholder engagement and developing performance indicators, metrics and roadmaps. Our Corporate Sustainability services include:

  • Environmental, Social, Health and Economic Impact Assessments
  • CO² and green house gases assessment
  • Measurement and tracking of key data
  • Mobility
  • Green lease
  • Green agenda design, implementation and follow-up
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Energy Efficiency Management
  • Waste Management
  • Project management
  • Corporate Communication