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Building integrated wind turbines

The pressure on real estate to reduce its environmental footprint is only going to grow as new legislation and increased consumer expectations come into play. The integration of wind turbines into a building’s design helps to enhance its sustainability by reducing its energy dependency and increasing the investment’s value by creating an urban landmark that empowers its occupants. Amaay! is one of the pioneers in the field of Building-Integrated Wind Turbines. Our multidisciplinary teams (design, structure, wind turbine technologies, materials, fluid dynamics, noise and vibration, engineers) provide complete service to forward-thinking architects and urban developers worldwide. Our Building-Integrated Wind Turbine services include:

  • Assessment of wind potential
  • Incorporation of the wind turbines into the architectural concept
  • Wind Tunnel and digital simulations
  • Energy, structural, acoustic and vibration assessment
  • Technical and financial feasibility
  • Selection of structural solutions, materials and technologies